Are your lips starting to age? Does your lipstick bleed from your lips into the lines around them? As the face ages, the lips tend to thin out and wrinkle,Top 5 Things to Know About Lip Augmentation whereas youthful lips are full and sensuous. If you need a little more plump in your pout, come see us at The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery. Lip augmentation can restore your lips to their youthful glory.

If you’re considering lip augmentation, keep reading for the top five things you need to know before your surgery.

There’s No Need for an Implant

When people first hear “lip augmentation,” they assume that the only way to get fuller lips is with implants, but that isn’t the case. We typically use dermal fillers to restore lip fullness (or create it for the first time) with great success. The fillers are injected into the lip area and last for about a year per treatment. We can re-inject the fillers when needed to maintain your look.

Unlike lip implants, dermal fillers are completely non-surgical. Typically there is no downtime, although there can be minimal bruising or swelling. No incisions or stitches are needed.

The Injector You Choose Matters

Lip injecting is an art form and choosing the right injector is essential for optimal results. Our highly trained injectors have many years of experience performing successful lip augmentation. No need to worry about getting overfilled, duck lips here. We’ll create a natural, but enhancing look for your lip.

If you aren’t in the Portland, Oregon area and can’t come to us for lip augmentation, choose an injector that is highly skilled. You may want to see photos of their past work. Ask friends and family for recommendations.

A Quick Look at the Procedure

The lip augmentation procedure is pretty straightforward. We’ll choose a filler that will work well with your lips. Then using a very fine needle, we’ll inject the filler into specific areas of the lip. Topical anesthetic can be used and many fillers include lidocaine to reduce discomfort.

It’s Fun

One last thing to remember about lip augmentation: it can be a lot of fun. Many of our patients love seeing the instantaneous change to their appearance. If you love going in for a manicure or to get your hair colored, you’ll probably love this too. It’s can be a great way to enhance your appearance.

Call us today and schedule your appointment for lip augmentation.