It’s easier than ever before to get a more feminine look without the need for cosmetic surgery. Non-surgical facial feminization from Portland, OR’s The Waldorf Center can help to make your outer appearance better reflect your inner self by altering certain facial features. The goal is to help you create a softer, more traditionally feminine appearance.



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Non-surgical facial feminization procedures can change your appearance to reflect who you are inside. For example, if you feel like your face looks masculine and you would prefer a different appearance, treatments are available to create more feminine contours. Non-surgical facial feminization involves a general softening of your appearance. Patients may choose to adjust one specific feature, have full facial feminization, or anything in between!


Individuals who want to transition to female, women who want a more feminine appearance, and men hoping to achieve a softer, more approachable look can all benefit from non-surgical facial feminization treatments. These injectables and other strategies can be performed on their own or combined with surgical procedures.

If you are unable or not ready to have surgical facial feminization, non-surgical facial feminization may be an option to consider—and can even give you an idea of what you could expect from surgery.


Non-surgical facial feminization can include a variety of less invasive treatments or approaches designed to soften more prominent or typically masculine features. It may involve re-defining the jaw, adding volume to the cheeks, chin augmentation, lip augmentation, eyebrow shaping, and more. Anti-aging or facial rejuvenation techniques such as BOTOX® and facial fillers are some of the most common techniques used for this procedure.

Keep in mind that this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, each patient must be evaluated on an individual basis to determine what their goals are. Adding just the right amount of volume and contouring can soften sharp or heavy features to round out certain areas and make you look more feminine.


BOTOX® can reduce deep wrinkles on the forehead area for a smoother, flatter, and more feminine contour if wrinkles are causing a heavy appearance.


The jaw is one of the areas that patients often focus on for non-surgical facial feminization. In some cases, patients want to achieve a fuller, more lifted, rounder, and heart-shaped jaw area—as opposed to a squarer, lower jaw that may be associated with a more masculine appearance. The jawbone and masseter muscles are what determine how square the appearance of the jaw is. BOTOX® can be used to shrink the masseter muscles to improve an overly square jaw and achieve a more narrow, slender, oval, or heart-shaped appearance.


Cheek enhancement with facial fillers such as JUVÉDERM® Voluma® improves the balance and contours of the cheeks. A woman’s cheeks are often fuller and appear to project forward more than men’s.


For non-surgical facial feminization, patients may want to sculpt a more pointed or triangular chin to make the jawline look less square. A combination of dermal fillers and BOTOX® can help you achieve this look. Neuromodulators can relax the muscles in the chin, and fillers add volume.


Volbella® XC is a subtle, lightweight hyaluronic acid filler that can add volume to make lips appear softer, plumper, and more feminine.


Laser skin resurfacing with Sciton® Halo and DermaFrac microneedling at The Waldorf Center can improve the tone and texture of the skin for facial feminization. Laser hair removal also works to reduce the need for shaving beards, mustaches, and other facial hair.


Patients often notice renewed self-confidence and improved self-esteem when the appearance of their face more closely matches their gender identity. The results from non-surgical facial feminization are not as long-lasting as surgical procedures, but they can still be very affirming.


Non-surgical facial feminization is one of several options available at The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery for patients who are hoping to achieve a more feminine or non-binary appearance. Most facial features can be made to look more feminine with minimally invasive treatments—but in some cases, cosmetic surgery may be needed.

We also provide surgical facial feminization as well as transfeminine top surgery (chest feminization), which is a type of gender affirmation surgery that involves the use of breast implants and/or fat transfer to give the chest more feminine contours.

*Patient results may vary