Are you finally ready to have the body you’ve always wanted? If you’re ready to take the first steps toward your breast augmentation, this article will send you in the right direction. So put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. Your new, shapelier breasts await.

Find a Surgeon

One of the most important decisions you will make as you prepare for breast augmentation is your choice of a surgeon. Look for a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing breast augmentation. Many potential patients do not realize that cosmetic surgeries can be performed by any surgeon, including dermatologists and obstetricians. Board-certified plastic surgeons have more training and experience than many “cosmetic surgeons.”

Asking friends and family for a referral is a wonderful way to discover great surgeons in your area. Online reviews and patient testimonials caBreast Augmentation: What Are My First Steps?n also give you insight into potential surgeons. Many surgeons, including board-certified Dr. Kathleen Waldorf, offer consultations. This gives a prospective patient a chance to meet with their surgeon and to ask questions and the surgeon the opportunity to educate a little more about the procedure and create a plan should the patient decide to go forward with the surgery.

Choose a surgeon you like and schedule a consultation. Some patients choose to meet with a few surgeons to help narrow their choices.

What Do You Want?

You know you want breast augmentation, but now you need to decide what your dream breasts look like. Are you hoping for big and full with lots of cleavage or mid-sized and perky? Try and find some photos of breasts you like, both with and without clothing, to show during your consultation. This will give your surgeon a good starting point for creating a surgical plan for you.

During your consultation, we’ll use Vectra 3D imaging to give you an idea of your breast augmentation results. This system takes 3D pictures of your body and modifies them to show how various implant sizes and surgical techniques change your results. This valuable tool will help you create your perfect breasts.

Figure Out Financing

For many patients, the results of breast augmentation are well worth the price, but you do need to spend a little time figuring out how you’ll pay for your surgery. Typically insurance does not cover cosmetic breast augmentation. During your consultation with Dr. Waldorf, you’ll meet with our Patient Relations Coordinator who will discuss the various fees and costs of your procedure. This quote is good for six months. Please talk with us if you have any financial concerns and we’ll strive to help you find a solution. Financing options are available. We’re here to help in every aspect of your breast augmentation, including figuring out how to pay for it.

If you’re ready for breast augmentation, take the first step and schedule your consultation with Dr. Waldorf. Call us at 503-646-0101 today.