hand rejuvenation

Is your age a secret? Not if your hands have anything to say about it. The hands are one of the first areas that signs of aging appear and, unlike the face, they are often forgotten when it comes to cosmetic treatments and sunscreen. If you want your age to remain a secret, call us today and ask about hand rejuvenation.

I Want Younger Looking Hands. What Are My Options?

Youthful hands are full looking, without visible veins and tendons. They have a smooth, even skin tone and no sun spots, age spots, or brown spots. If you want to restore a more youthful appearance to your hands, you’ve got options. Here are a few of the hand rejuvenation treatments we offer at the Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery.

  • Dermal Fillers– If your hands have lost their youthful fullness, dermal fillers can help restore it. We typically inject the fillers into the dorsum area (back of the hand). This is an excellent option for patients with visible veins and tendons. Results are instant with little to no downtime. They are also lasting, but we will need to reinject the filler occasionally to maintain your results.
  • Fat Injections- Fat injections are another option for restoring fullness to the hands. This treatment extracts excess fat from another area on the body and then injects it into the hands for a more rejuvenated appearance.
  • Fraxel re:store- If your hands have a crepey appearance or brown spots and hyperpigmentation, Fraxel re:store is the solution. This laser resurfacing treatment can improve skin tone and texture with minimal recovery time. You’ll see initial improvement in just a few days, with continued improvement over time.

Is Hand Rejuvenation Right for Me?

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your hands, call and schedule a consultation to learn about your options for hand rejuvenation. We often combine Fraxel re:store treatments with dermal fillers/fat grafting to achieve a rejuvenated appearance. We are happy to discuss your options and make personalized recommendations.

Hand rejuvenation results can be maintained, or the treatment can be performed for a special occasion. Many women opt for hand rejuvenation after getting engaged so their hands look younger in their engagement ring photos.

Call and schedule your appointment today!