Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation

The face is not the only area on the body that shows signs of aging. Obviously the shape of the body changes, but so does the appearance of the hands. The hands, like the face, are exposed to a lot of sun, and we seldom remember to protect them with sunscreen. Sun damaged hands can make a person look older. We spend so much time on the appearance of our faces, but often don’t think about what our hands are revealing about us.

A youthful hand has no signs of hyperpigmentation from sun damage, and has fullness to it that masks the tendons. These things change with time, and the hand appears older and frailer as the fat on the backs of our hands disappears over time.

At The Waldorf Center we are able to improve the appearance of the hands with laser treatment and dermal filler or fat injections. Fraxel® laser treatments can be used to treat areas of hyperpigmentation, and improve crepey skin texture. Injections of fillers or fat can be used to replace the volume that is lost in the dorsum of the hands. These treatments help create a more youthful appearance to the hands.

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