Your mom has done so much for you. Mother’s Day is a chance to say thanks. Thanks for those sleepless nights, those hugs and kisses and for that unconditional mother’s love. This year, give your mom something special. Give her the gift of beauty with one of our non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Any of these treatments would be the perfect way to tell Mom, “I love you”.


Those smiles, tears and worries over the years have taken their toll on your mother’s face. The muscles that move and contract when your mom makes expressions can eventually create wrinkles and lines. Botox® calms the nerve impulses that lead to muscle movement and help those wrinkles fade away. Treatment takes just 15 minutes with ageless results that last 3-4 months. Would your mom like a little Botox® this Mother’s Day?

Hand RejuvenationGreat Ways to Pamper Mom this Mother’s Day

Your mother’s hands have wiped your tears, bandaged your cuts and led you across the street. Rejuvenate them this Mother’s Day with our hand rejuvenation treatments. We will work with Mom to create a customized treatment plan to make her hands look younger using laser treatments and either dermal filler or fat injections. Hand rejuvenation can treat brown spots and hyperpigmentation, improve crepey skin texture and help restore lost volume. Your mother’s hands have done so much for you; give your mom hand rejuvenation and give something back.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Help your mom turn back the clock on her look with laser skin resurfacing. This treatment uses a specialized laser to target and treat thousands of microscopic areas on the skin. The older damaged cells are removed and fresh, young skin shines through. Our Fraxel laser can treat everything from hyperpigmentation to poor skin texture and even loose skin.

Don’t waste your money on flowers that will soon die or chocolates that will live on your mother’s waistline. Give your mom a gift she’ll enjoy all year long: radiant, beautiful skin.

Mother’s Day isn’t the only day to tell Mom thanks, but it is the perfect opportunity to give your mom a bit of extra pampering. Call us today at 503-646-0101 and ask how you can make Mother’s Day special. Give your mom the gift of beauty this year.