We provide a wide range of surgery options at Portland’s Waldorf Center because no two patients are the same. Our goal is to help each person seeking our care to get the beautiful results they want, whether it’s a breast procedure, body procedure, facial procedure, or reconstructive surgery.

Read on to learn the various surgery procedures available and get started on your own path to transformation.

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Breast Augmentation

Enhance breast size, improve symmetry, restore lost volume, and more with breast augmentation, which involves implants inserted into strategic positions to create new contours.

Breast Implants

Learn about the different breast implant options available at The Waldorf Center.

Breast Lift

Rather than adding volume, a breast lift repositions sagging breasts so that they sit higher and create a perkier look.

Breast Reduction

Some patients choose breast reduction to get rid of excess volume and weight. This surgery has many benefits, including relief from the strain and pain of heavy breasts.

Breast Revision

Patients who need or want to have their current implants removed and new implants inserted—due to rupture, other complications, or a change in preference of style or size—can have a breast revision.

Gynecomastia Surgery

There are several factors that can cause men to develop the appearance of breasts. Gynecomastia surgery addresses this condition to create more traditionally masculine chest contours.


Tummy Tuck

The goal of a tummy tuck is to create a flatter, firmer belly. This may involve any combination of removing excess fat, trimming away loose skin, repairing abdominal muscles that have separated, and repositioning the navel.


Liposuction is the surgical removal of excess fat cells, which may be broken up with manual force, motorized movement, or ultrasound energy. The procedure can be applied virtually anywhere stubborn fat congregates on the body.

Liposuction vs. Tummy Tuck

Compare the unique benefits of fat reduction alone with the more involved techniques that make up an abdominoplasty by exploring lipo vs. tummy tuck.

Body Contouring

Often, reducing or shaping just one feature or area of the body is not enough to create new, natural-looking proportions. Body contouring is a holistic approach that may involve a single procedure or procedures carried out in stages, all customized to your unique goals.

Mommy Makeover

Contouring procedures specifically aimed at addressing changes caused by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can be combined into a Mommy Makeover, which may include any number of breast or body surgeries.

Post- Weight Loss Surgery

The successful loss of significant weight can have great health benefits, but also leave behind loose skin that couldn’t keep up with the shedding pounds. Post- weight loss surgery provides definition that allows new contours to be seen.

Arm Lift

Sagging skin on the upper arm can be removed via an arm lift. Known as a brachioplasty, it is ideal for addressing the condition known as “bat wings.”

Lower Body Lift

Time, sun damage, and weigh loss can cause skin and other tissues to migrate downward. A lower body lift reverses these effects for the belly, thighs, and buttocks.

Thigh Lift

As a contouring technique with a specific focus, a thigh lift can reduce stubborn bulges and tighten lax skin for a sleeker look.


Childbirth and aging can create laxity in vaginal tissues, leading to changes that can impede function and make patients feel self-conscious about form. Labiaplasty reduces and shapes labia that are overly large or asymmetrical.



Sagging on the lower face and neck can be addressed with a facelift, which removes excess skin, as well as shapes and tightens underlying tissues to improve definition.

Brow Lift

A brow lift corrects a sagging forehead or “heavy” brow by shaping muscles and other tissues, as well as possibly removing loose skin if needed.

Eyelid Surgery

A drooping eyelid or eyelids, as well as a “pouchy” look below the eyes, can be corrected with upper or lower lid blepharoplasty, also known as an eyelid lift. The surgery may involve removing lax skin and excess fat, shaping muscles, and repositioning tissue.


A rhinoplasty can accomplish any number of cosmetic changes for the nose, including reducing its width or length, removing a hump on the bridge, reshaping the tip, straightening crookedness, and more—and can improve function as well.

Ear Surgery

“Pinning” the ears to the sides of the head to keep them from protruding as much or reshaping them to make them more symmetrical or proportional is technically known as otoplasty, but is more commonly referred to simply as ear surgery.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a sophisticated surgery that involves taking fat from an area of the body where there is plenty, processing it, then injecting it into an area or areas that need more volume, such as the midface or lips.

Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation can be performed on its own, typically as part of a nonsurgical plan involving dermal fillers, but may also be included in a lift that addressing sagging on the lower face.

Chin Augmentation

An implant can be used for chin augmentation, inserted through an incision made in the mouth in order to improve definition and projection on the lowermost feature of the face.

Special Financing Available

The Waldorf Center in Portland, OR, offers special financing for the recommended surgical or non-surgical procedure you want. Convenient monthly payments can be structured to fit your financial situation. Call the practice for more information at 503-646-0101 or contact us online

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Breast Reconstruction

Breast cancer treatments often involve removing some breast tissue or the entire breast itself. Breast reconstruction surgery rebuilds a new breast mound and may include creation of the appearance of a nipple and areola

Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery

Congenital defects can result in a child’s lip or upper palate not properly forming, leaving a noticeable “gap.” Cleft lip and palate surgery repairs the defect, helping more typical development when it comes to eating, speaking, and even breathing.

Skin Cancer Surgery Repair

Removing a cancerous lesion typically creates a defect in the skin. Skin cancer surgery repair at the Waldorf Center focuses on minimizing the aesthetic impact of the lifesaving surgery.

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Breast Augmentation
*Real patient testimonial. Results may vary.

I was displeased with my breast size. We did the 3D Vectra imaging and Dr. Waldorf concluded that 220 or 255cc silicone implants would give me my desired results.

Age - 20-30
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Breast Augmentation
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From the very first visit, all my experiences with Dr. Waldorf have been great.

Age - 36
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Tummy tuck & lipo
*Real patient testimonial. Results may vary.

This female patient in her early thirties requested a tummy tuck and liposuction to help her reclaim her body-confidence after two pregnancies and significant weight loss.

Age - 31
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