One of the biggest challenges for people who are thinking of having plastic surgery is taking the time away from their busy schedules to recover afterward, especially for more invasive treatments that require a longer recovery time. Despite progressive policies and promises of flexible schedules, the reality is that workplaces can make it difficult to take time away. This causes many people to put off having the procedure they really want. However, since the lockdowns began, plastic surgeons have had a larger number of requests from patients seeking surgical procedures. The reasons are simple: More people are now working remotely from their homes, giving them the opportunity to take downtime in privacy instead of being around others. Also, we’re all wearing masks when we go out, so it it’s easy to hide bruises and other signs of plastic surgery. Add to that the fact that most social commitments have been put on hold. Still, if you’re curious about when you’ll be physically go back to the office or feel more normal again after a nose job in Portland, continue reading for a basic timeline of what to expect during recovery:

Within one to two weeks following the rhinoplasty, the majority of patients are ready to return to work. By this time, there will be no noticeable signs of sutures or scarring. However, the exact recovery timeline varies from person to person. If you have a job that requires your physical presence, you might need a longer time for recovery, and it’s best to talk about this with the surgeon.

For the first few weeks of recovery, patients will have swelling, discomfort, and some bleeding. It takes time for your body to fully recuperate after having plastic surgery, but there are some steps you can take to reduce side effects and heal at a faster rate. Follow your doctor’s advice even if some of the instructions don’t seem to apply to you, attend your follow-up appointments, manage pain with prescribed medications, keep your head elevated, avoid strenuous physical exercise, and incorporate light activity like walking.

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