Expression wrinkles—which are lines that appear only when certain facial muscles are moving, such as crow’s feet and frown lines—often begin to show for the first time during our 20s. They may become more pronounced as we get older and our skin loses collagen. Injectables like BOTOX® are effective for relaxing these wrinkles, generating more visible and reliable results than topical products. The injectable minimizes wrinkles by working directly on the muscles to prevent the contractions that cause the skin to crease. But does that mean topicals don’t do anything? One of the questions patients often ask us is, “Can I use skin care products after BOTOX®?” Our Portland-based team at The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery highly recommends continuing to maintain a great skincare routine even after you have injectable fillers or neuromodulators. Here’s why:

While treatments like BOTOX® can dramatically improve the appearance of expression wrinkles within a very short time, they are no replacement for a proper skincare routine that you maintain consistently throughout your life. At-home skincare products keep skin looking more youthful and healthy overall, and also amplify the results from injectables.

Our collection of Waldorf Skin Solutions—all clinically proven products—contains pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that produce beautiful results on their own or complement the effects of other treatments, including injectable wrinkle relaxers.

Some examples include:

Barrier Repair Cream

Being strategic about moisturizers is important during the weeks and months that follow your BOTOX® treatments. Our Barrier Repair Cream, which contains ceramides, powerful antioxidants, and ginger root extract, is highly effective for soothing and nourishing skin that is dry, sensitive, or sun damaged.

Brightening Cream

Wrinkles aren’t the only effects of aging. Hyperpigmentation and other forms of discoloration may also occur due to sun damage or other causes. To restore a more even, healthy skin tone, we recommend our Brightening Cream, which contains ingredients such as kojic acid that are clinically proven to prevent melanin production.

Hydracell Zinc Arnica and Copper Treatment

Our Hydracell treatment is ideal for use after injectables. It contains arnica (which reduces swelling and accelerates healing), zinc (which promotes healthy skin and may extend the lifespan of botulinum toxin injectables), and copper peptides (which encourage tissue formation and collagen growth).

NIAMOIST Intensive Repair

This ultra-hydrating moisturizer contains niacinamide, ceramides, and peptides along with myristoyl hexapeptide-5, which has anti-aging effects.

If you’re searching for suggestions on what to use after BOTOX® injections at our Portland-based practice, our team at The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery can explain more about the benefits of combining our skincare products with injectable wrinkle treatments. Call 503-646-0101 or fill out a contact form.