At The Waldorf Center, we are very excited to offer J-Plasma helium plasma technology to address skin resurfacing and skin tightening. J-Plasma is a controlled helium plasma technology that allows for aggressive skin resurfacing results to help improve the appearance of wrinkles and refresh the skin texture.  I have used J-Plasma in combination with other surgical procedures like facelifts, liposuction and male breast reduction; as well as individually to help tighten areas like the neck, arms, legs and even the abdomen or breast skin. The helium technology applies even heating to the under-surface of the skin to give additional tightening far superior to other non-surgical treatments.

Nationally, J-Plasma is a cutting-edge technology that continues to be utilized for additional complementary indications. Dr. Kathleen Waldorf, FACS and I have adopted the technology and are finding that it is a superior facial skin resurfacing option for patients.  J-Plasma serves as a great adjunct treatment for facelift and necklift patients desiring optimal skin tightening results.

The effects of the J-Plasma subdermal treatments are almost immediately noticeable in the operating room when used alone or in conjunction with liposuction type procedures and results continue to improve up to 6 weeks after the procedure is completed. Subdermal treatments add no additional recovery time to patients who are considering liposuction and can help get the best tightening out of the skin possible in the post procedure time period.

For more information please call our Portland office at (503) 646-0101, and one of our patient services specialists will be happy to assist you.

Written by: Dr. Rachel Streu, FACS