Although you might think that the skin on the face and all over the body is virtually the same, there are some parts of it that are more fragile and tend to behave differently than the rest. The skin around the eyes tends to be drier, thinner, and more delicate than other areas. and it is also on top of a mostly hollow area, which is why skin in that area has a tendency to become sunken and wrinkled. When your skin starts to lose its elasticity because of aging and constant stretching during facial expressions—whenever you squint, blink, and smile—tiny lines called crow’s feet can develop around the outside of your eyes. These bothersome lines look similar to the bony foot or footprint of a crow, with “toes” that stretch outward and make you look older. BOTOX® treatments from our Portland-based cosmetic injectors represent one of the best ways of softening these lines.

The orbicularis oculi, which is located around the eyes, is a very active facial muscle that is highly involved in facial expressions. It pulls the skin whenever it contracts. Your own habits can cause the lines associated with these contractions to deepen. This is as simple as overusing the muscles when you squint repeatedly in sunlight or due to poor vision, or even because you laugh and smile a lot. Genetics, sun damage, and dehydration can also worsen the appearance of these wrinkles.

Crow’s feet aren’t all bad—they’re said to be a sign that you’ve lived a happy life and add character to the face—but BOTOX® can make them less dramatic if you’re self-conscious about them and want to convey an overall more youthful appearance.

BOTOX® injections contain botulinum toxin, a substance derived from a bacterium found throughout the environment. When a small amount is injected directly into skin at the corners of the eyes, it relaxes the muscles by preventing signals from the nerves from getting to their intended destination. As a result, the muscles stay relaxed instead of pulling the skin with every squint and smile. In other words, the skin lies smoother when you make your normal facial expressions. This gives your face a younger and more energized look.

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