breast reconstruction

Preparing for a mastectomy is a trying, emotional time. It can be difficult to think about the future when you’re worried about the right now. Life is filled with exams and doctor’s appointments, but we encourage you to add one more appointment to your list. Meet with a plastic surgeon and discuss breast reconstruction. The ultimate decision to reconstruct or not is yours but, by meeting with a plastic surgeon, you can better understand your options—both now and in the future. Get the information you need about breast reconstruction before your mastectomy; call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Waldorf, or Dr. Streu. All of our physicians are experienced with reconstruction and ready to help you!

Do I Really Want Breast Reconstruction?

The decision on whether to reconstruct can be a difficult one. Some women know immediately that breast reconstruction is their preferred choice, but others aren’t as sure. This is a decision that deserves plenty of time and information. You may feel that cancer has taken control of your body but, remember, you still have choices.

Seeking a consultation with a breast reconstruction surgeon prior to your mastectomy can be a valuable tool during the decision making process. You can learn about your options for reconstruction now or in the future (including immediate reconstruction). Whether you ultimately decide to have reconstruction or not, the information you gain is invaluable in making an informed decision about your body.

Immediate or Delayed Reconstruction – What Do I Need to Know?

Most women are candidates for immediate breast reconstruction, which combines the first stage of reconstruction with your mastectomy surgery. This can help women feel more in control and is a positive step forward during a difficult time. An immediate reconstruction also saves you from an extra surgery. Since the mastectomy and the first step in reconstruction are combined, you may end up with fewer surgeries and recovery periods than with a delayed reconstruction.

Delayed reconstruction is another possibility, and may be the best choice depending on your circumstances and treatment objectives. With a delayed reconstruction, the first step in reconstruction is performed after you’ve fully healed from your mastectomy. Our doctors can work closely with your oncologist to determine the most beneficial options for you.

If you’re preparing for a mastectomy, come see us at The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery to learn about breast reconstruction. We understand this is a difficult time, and we offer a compassionate and supportive environment for exploring your options. Call today!