Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?Are you tired of shaving? Do you want to put an end to waxing and tweezing? Laser hair removal might be the solution. This procedure removes hair using laser energy. The results are very long-lasting and, in the right patients, the procedure is very effective. Are you a good candidate? Find out below.

Do You Have Dark Hair?

The laser we use for laser hair removal (Cynosure Elite YAG Laser™) targets the pigment in your hair follicles. Dark hair is treated most effectively. If you have blonde or gray hair, we may be unable to get the hair reduction results you want.

Dark or tanned skin can be challenge for laser hair removal. The laser targets pigment and darker skin has more of this pigment which can create adverse effects when a laser is used on it. During your hair removal consultation we can evaluate your hair and skin color to determine if laser hair removal will work for you.

Will You Commit to Multiple Treatment Cycles?

Laser hair removal targets hair that is actively growing. At any given time you have hair in every growth cycle on your body. You’ll need multiple treatments, spaced about six weeks apart, to treat the majority of hair follicles while they are in the active stage. We typically recommend four to six treatments.

Hair removal is very effective, but it isn’t a guarantee of permanent hair removal. You may need to return for maintenance treatments and you may have a bit of hair left after treatment (although it will typically be much lighter and thinner than your original hair).

Will You Avoid Tanning During Treatment?

You’ll need to avoid tanning and self-tanners during treatment. We ask our patients to stop tanning at least two weeks prior to treatment. You’ll also need to avoid plucking or waxing prior to treatment. Please come in for your treatment with a clean shave.

Is Laser Hair Removal Right for Me?

This treatment requires no downtime and can be done on your lunch hour. Laser hair removal feels like small rubber band snaps, however, we do use a Zimmer air cooler to increase patient comfort during treatment. If you’re interested in laser hair removal, call us at 800-310-7901 to schedule your complimentary consultation. A consultation allows us to evaluate your skin and hair to determine if laser hair removal is a good fit. It also gives you an opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about the procedure and what to expect.

Say goodbye to unwanted hair. Call us today to schedule your laser hair removal appointment.