Cellulite—while typically a strictly cosmetic condition and not a serious health issue—can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with when it comes to your skin. Since it’s caused by interconnecting collagen fibers below the surface, even losing weight won’t make it go away completely. Whether you’re just showing slight cellulite when your skin is compressed or muscles are contracted, or you have more severe dimpling that is visible even when the skin is at rest, you can make the most of the winter months with non-surgical cellulite injectables from our Portland-based Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery.

Winter is on its way, and this season is ideal to start some skin-smoothing cosmetic treatments. You can take advantage of the frosty weather and get the procedure you want to prepare you for the following summer. Although there is minimal to no downtime needed for many non-surgical treatments, getting them done during the colder and darker times can give you a mood boost and an incentive to make it through to the end of a dreary winter. These gradual treatments often require months for results to fully work, so you can address your cosmetic concerns ahead of time before any weddings, reunions, or other social events of the upcoming year.

Here are several tips for addressing that unwanted orange peel texture on your buttocks and thighs:

1. Try Qwo

Qwo is an ideal method of reducing cellulite because it targets the root cause of the problem: the tightened bands of collagen that segment groups of fat cells and pull down on the skin above. Qwo contains enzymes that break up to collagen, so when it is injected into dimples, it releases the cords so that the skin sits smoother.

2. Protect Your Skin from Sun Exposure

Sun exposure doesn’t cause cellulite, but too much UV exposure can weaken connective fibers in the skin, making the surface thinner and causing cellulite to look worse. Avoid tanning and wear SPF even on winter days to keep your skin protected.

3. Build Muscle

Exercise is not a cure for cellulite but building muscle and losing some weight may make your skin look firmer.

4. Emtone

Emtone uses a combination of radiofrequency and mechanical targeted pressure energy to dismantle cellulite by reducing the tension that contributes to dimples on the arms, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

For more tips on cellulite, contact The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery. Our team can help you find the best way of treating your unwanted dimples. Call 503-646-0101 or fill out a contact form to schedule a consultation if you want to start planning.