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Cryomodulation™ For Addressing Age Spots, Redness, And Inflammation In Portland, Or

With Glacial Rx®, Portland's Waldorf Center can use the power of cold to benefit the skin in a variety of ways. The proprietary cooling technology behind the device—known as "Cryomodulation®"—can diminish hyperpigmentation to provide a clearer look while soothing red, inflamed, and puffy skin.

The Waldorf Center was the first practice in the state to get the FDA-cleared Glacial Rx®, bringing the advanced non-surgical technology to anyone in the area seeking advanced skin improvement—especially by addressing benign lesions like "age spots."

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Age spots and similar pigmentation irregularities develop due to overproduction of melanin in a small area. Melanin gives skin and hair its color, and when too much is concentrated into one patch, a spot develops. This is typically in response to sun exposure, since ultraviolet radiation can trigger melanin production as a defensive response against damage.

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While UV radiation can cause medical problems, age spots and similar cosmetic lesions are benign—meaning they are not a health issue. It is important to have spots checked by a professional in order to determine whether they are truly superficial or are in need of medical attention. Confirmed benign lesions can be treated so that the darker spots flake away, leaving clearer-looking skin.

Who Administers Glacial Rx® At Portland's Waldorf Center?

Only trained healthcare professionals are allowed to operate the Glacial Rx® System. Every provider who administers the treatment at The Waldorf Center studies the device and its applications in order to understand how to safely use it to maximize patient results. This systemspecific knowledge builds on their already extensive experience with numerous skin-focused options and background in skin health and beauty.

Every treatment—including Glacial Rx®—is considered in light of a patient's total goals, with long-term effects and its compatibility with other potential treatments taken into account.

Your Glacial Rx® Consultation

A patient's initial consultation is a critically important step in any treatment, whether the result is a single session or the creation of an ongoing maintenance plan. The key is starting with a thorough discussion of a patient's particular goals and examining the skin in general and any specific problem spots.

The consultation will also include an in-depth discussion of the Glacial Rx® system: how it works, what it can do, and what results to expect. This is the time to get answers to questions about Cryomodulation® and its benefits, as well as what can be done to prepare for the Glacial Rx® treatment and how best to maintain the results.

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The experienced surgeons at The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery are committed to educating patients and providing them with high-quality, ethical care.

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How Does Glacial Rx® Work?

The concentrated cold delivered by the Cryomodulation® cooling plates inhibit melaninproducing cells so that pigment is produced more evenly as opposed to in concentrated areas. The cold from a Glacial Rx® treatment also speeds up exfoliation, encourages the creation of new skin cells, a modulates the cell signals that promote inflammation.

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Your Glacial Rx® Experience

Each Glacial Rx® session involves a trained provider gently and precisely applying a chilled plate directly to the spot to be treated. While the temperature of the Glacial Rx® device is very cool, there is no need for topical numbing to reduce sensation. In fact, many people find the experience to be comfortable and relaxing.

The Glacial Rx® handpiece will be moved around the treatment area, cooling the skin as it goes. This reduces overall redness and puffiness, as well as prepares the skin to better receive powerful topical products. These serums have clinically proven ingredients including antioxidants to protect against future damage and agents chosen to brighten the skin. This combination will also create a shield against harmful stressors in the environment.

The overall experience has been described as "spa like," and it can be completed in less than an hour. Patients can return to their preferred activities right away. The most common side effect— temporary skin redness—can be expected to resolve in days.

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Special Financing Available

The Waldorf Center in Portland, OR, offers special financing for the recommended surgical or non-surgical procedure you want. Convenient monthly payments can be structured to fit your financial situation. Call the practice for more information at 503-646-0101 or contact us online

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What Can Address Pigmentation Beyond Glacial Rx® In Portland?

Light can be a powerful treatment for spots. The Waldorf Center offers intense pulsed light (IPL) and Sciton® HALO, which can address multiple signs of aging and sun damage. Specialty facials and chemical peels can also reduce pigmentation irregularities.

Schedule a consultation today for Glacial Rx® Cryomodulation in Portland. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. To request an appointment, call our clinic at 503-646-0101 or 1-800-310-7901, or use our online contact form.

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