Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting from The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery is a technique used to transfer fat from one area to another. It can be utilized to increase the volume that has been lost in the face and lips over time. Common areas treated by fat grafting are the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and cheeks. It can also be used to correct depressed scars or contour abnormalities after surgery or injury. It creates a permanent fullness to the treated areas, and can potentially replace the repeat use of temporary dermal fillers.

The Procedure

The process of fat grafting involves removing fat cells from one area of the body (typically the abdomen or thigh) and injecting them into the area being treated. The body then works to establish a healthy blood supply to the fat cells. Typically about 50-80% of the fat that is transferred survives as a permanent correction.

Fat grafting is a very versatile technique that can sometimes be performed with local analgesic alone.


After the procedure, the results can be seen immediately. The recovery time is minimal although variable depending on the location of the injection. There is typically some additional fullness due to mild swelling that resolves over the following 2-3 days. Some people also see some bruising to the area, which typically disappears over the following week.

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