Arm Lift

Arm Lift

Weight loss and aging can cause the tissue of the upper arms to become lax. Unfortunately, diet and exercise often have no effect. An arm lift is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the upper arms, making them firmer and removing that “bat wing” look.

While this procedure is performed on both men and women, especially post-weight loss (bariatric) surgery, it is a particularly common problem for women.

All of our surgeons have performed many successful arm lifts on her patients, making it possible for them to once again wear sleeveless clothes and bathing suits.

Your Arm Lift Consultation

We believe you need to be well-informed about arm lift surgery so that you can make an informed decision about your procedure and your surgeon. This includes the processes of preparing for the surgery and the recovery period. One of our surgeons will meet with you about your concerns and personal goals. The doctor will examine you and tell you what they can accomplish for you. They will also advise you what the arm lift will involve in terms specific to your case.

Choosing a surgeon is an intensely personal decision. We encourage you to ask questions of our team. We want you to feel comfortable with us and your decision to have surgery at Waldorf Center.

Your Arm Lift Surgery

The incision for an arm lift is usually made on the inside, or the posterior part, of the upper arm where it will remain hidden. Liposuction is used to suction out any excess fatty tissue, and the loose skin is trimmed, contouring the arm.

The procedure is usually performed as an outpatient procedure, under general anesthesia, in our accredited surgery center.

Recovering from an Arm Lift

You should take 1 week off from work after your surgery and restrict your activity for 4-6 weeks. The recovery period involves some bruising, soreness, and swelling. You can take pain medication to manage any discomfort. Some mild residual swelling will remain for a few weeks to months.

You will be fitted with a compression garment for 6 weeks, which will aid in swelling reduction and promote faster healing.

Our clinical staff will remove your sutures during a post-surgical examination and will monitor your progress carefully to make sure you are healing properly.

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