Vollure XC

Vollure XC

For Long-Lasting Wrinkle Reduction in Portland, OR

The Waldorf Center has long offered dermal fillers for women and men who want to reduce the look of wrinkles on their face but who aren’t looking for the more dramatic results possible with surgery. Allergan created a popular solution with its Juvéderm® XC, then expanded on that innovation by introducing Vollure. Portland-area patients seeking the longstanding reliability of Juvéderm® but with even longer-lasting results can opt for Vollure, approved by the FDA and available to the public as of 2017.

Like its other Juvéderm® counterparts, Vollure is an injectable gel with a hyaluronic acid base, giving it a particular affinity for water and allowing it to hold onto water molecules to encourage both added volume and moisture retention in the skin. When applied by a skilled injector in facial areas chosen with precision, it can “fill in” unwanted lines, making them less noticeable.

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Your Vollure XC Consultation

Vollure XC is an injectable dermal filler, joining Allergan’s Juvéderm® line of soft tissue fillers. Each product in the line is used to add natural-looking volume to the skin on specific parts of the face to fill in fine lines and wrinkles and restore the youthful contours.

Each patient at The Waldorf Center starts his or her aesthetic journey with a consultation. The team wants to be sure everyone is as informed as possible, as a thorough understanding of the selected treatment can improve outcomes and ultimate satisfaction with the results. At your consultation, you will share your medical history and cosmetic goals, as well as be encouraged to ask any questions you may have about Vollure XC or other treatments and procedures.

Your Vollure XC Procedure

With the proper treatment selected, your injector will address your specific concerns. Vollure XC is intended for addressing moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles, including nasolabial folds that appear over time beside the mouth.

The injection process itself should take no longer than 15 to 20 minutes. The “XC” in the product’s name is how Allergan signifies a product that contains lidocaine to reduce sensation and improve patient comfort during the session, though you may experiencesome bruising, redness, or irritation after. These common side effects should resolve naturally in the days following your Vollure injections, as the results become increasingly apparent.* Allergan reports that the skin-smoothing effects of Vollure XC can last up to 18 months under ideal circumstances—which include a trained and experienced injector.

Other Dermal Fillers and More in Portland

The Waldorf Center also offers Juvéderm® XC for patients who want its skin-smoothing benefits. Other available members in this family of fillers include Voluma® for adding volume higher on the face and Volbella® for treating fine lines around the mouth and giving the lips a subtle boost.

While fillers are intended to soften static wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles—which form as certain muscles contract over and over again—require a different solution. BOTOX® can relax the targeted muscles for months at a time, reducing the appearance of frown lines on the forehead and fine wrinkles to the side of the eyes, known as crow’s feet.

Talk to The Waldorf Center’s team to find out which injectable would best suit your unique needs.

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