Chin Augmentation

Chin Augmentation

The chin is an important structure in a person’s profile. When someone has a small chin, the transition between the lower face and neck often appears oblique, making the neck look fuller. On profile, the nose may be normal, but appear large when the chin is small and the proportions are off. Conversely, a prominent chin can also disrupt the appearance of a person’s profile. Chin surgery from The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery can improve the proportions of the face, and can also create a nicer jaw line and neckline.

Your Consultation

We believe you need to be well-informed about the cosmetic procedure in which you are interested, including the pre- and post- operative expectations. At your initial consult, your surgeon will meet with you about your concerns and personal goals. Feel free to bring in images of looks that you do or don’t like to help us understand your aesthetic tastes. Your surgeon will then examine you, and offer her opinion on how to achieve your goals, based on best practices.

Choosing a surgeon is an intensely personal decision. We encourage you to take time to question your surgeon and our team. We believe the formation of a personal bond is an integral part of the surgery and healing process.

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The Surgery

The chin shape can often be improved with a chin implant or with a sliding genioplasty. Both of these procedures are performed through an incision inside the mouth, so there are no visible scars.

The placement of a chin implant involves creating of a small pocket over the most prominent portion of the chin and inserting an implant. This increases the projection of the chin.

A genioplasty requires cutting the lowest portion of the jaw bone, which includes the chin, and then adjusting the bone and securing it in place with a plate and screws. This procedure offers more options and flexibility to the surgeon when changing the shape of the chin. A genioplasty does not change the location of the teeth.

Chin surgery takes approximately 1 hour, and is performed with general anesthesia. You can return home the same day, but you will be drowsy and need someone to take you home and stay with you for 24 hours.


After chin surgery, a person should relax for 7 to 10 days to allow healing. Most people are able to resume a regular work or home schedule after that time period, and can return to strenuous activity levels in 4-6 weeks.


Facial surgery, as with all surgical procedures, carries a certain amount of risk. It is important that you understand these risks, and the possible complications or adverse events, associated with them. Your surgeon will discuss any risks with you during your consultation and pre-operative appointments.

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