Out of all cosmetic surgical procedures performed each year, breast procedures make up nearly 30% of the total. According to the ASPS 2016 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report there were over 1.8 million cosmetic surgical procedures performed with breast augmentation being on the top of the list.

For women, the size of one’s breasts is a very personal preference that can vary from individual to individual. Whether you are seeking a breast enhancement, breast reduction, breast lift, or breast reconstruction – there’s a procedure available here at The Waldorf Center for Plastic Surgery to address your breast surgery needs.

For men, male breast reduction is also available to help decrease the appearance of enlarged breasts or gynecomastia, and attain your desired chest contour.

Your Initial Consultation

See your new body in 3D - Sculpt My DreamWe believe you need to be well-informed about the surgical procedure in which you are interested. That includes the processes of preparing for a procedure, and the recovery period. The physician will meet with you about your concerns and personal goals. Feel free to bring in images that you do or don’t like to help us understand your aesthetic tastes and goals. The surgeon will then examine you, and base her opinion on how to achieve your goals based on best practices, and how the procedure will affect you.

Choosing a surgeon is an intensely personal decision. We encourage you to take time to question the physician, and her team. We believe the formation of a personal bond is an integral part of the surgery and healing process.

Dr. Waldorf, I just wanted to take a few moments to be specifically thankful for the gifts God has given you in helping people. In a surgery that can produce apprehension and fear, your demeanor gave assurance and confidence. Thanks for your professionalism and for being personable — it was noted and appreciated. I have been more than happy with my results, and I believe your art form is phenomenal! Your ability to read our desires and translate that into your perfect idea is truly awe inspiring!

-40-year-old, mother of 3

Breast Augmentation Portland OR

Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic procedures for women. They choose to get breast implants for a variety of reasons: To enhance the size or symmetry of the breasts and balance body proportion; To restore lost volume after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss; To restore shape to breasts affected by changes in […]

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Breast Implants Portland OR

If you are considering breast augmentation or a breast implant exchange procedure, one of the most important decisions you will ultimately make is the type of breast implants that are best for your ultimate goals. Here at the Waldorf Center, all of our board-certified plastic surgeons offer a range of breast implant sizes, shapes, and types […]

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Breast Lift

Many women notice changes in the shape and position of their breasts over time, after childbirth, or after weight loss. Dr. Waldorf can erase the effects of gravity and restore a more youthful shape and position to your breasts with a breast lift (mastopexy). A breast lift will not increase breast size, but it can […]

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Breast Reduction

Many women with large, heavy breasts are limited in their daily activities and clothing choices. They often feel self-conscious and suffer from chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain, as well as rashes under the breasts. Breast reduction surgery (reduction mammoplasty) is a way to reduce the size of disproportionately large breasts. Patient satisfaction after breast […]

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Breast Revision Surgery

Occasionally, a condition arises after breast augmentation that requires breast revision surgery. These conditions include capsular contracture, implant malposition, implant deflation, implant rupture, or simply a desire to change the size of the breast implants. If you wish to replace your implants with a smaller size or remove the implants entirely, a breast lift procedure […]

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Surgery for Gynecomastia in Portland, OR

Male Breast Reduction for Vancouver, Salem, and All of Oregon Male breast reduction is a common procedure for men with enlarged breasts, a condition called gynecomastia. Portland’s Waldorf Center team knows that men with gynecomastia are usually self-conscious about the appearance of their chests, and they often attempt to improve the condition through strenuous workouts […]

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