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Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos

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Breast Augmentation Case 27

33 year old female patient was concerned with small breast size (34 B) and breast droopiness.&nbs ... more

Breast Augmentation Case 26

35 year old woman treated with bilateral breast augmentation.  Patient chose Natrelle Inspir ... more

Breast Augmentation Case 18

24 year old female patient requested more fullness to her breasts.  Patient received Natrell ... more

Breast Augmentation Case 17

20 year old female was a small A cup and desired breast augmentation.  Patient decided ... more

Breast Augmentation Case 21

Patient had concerns regarding small breasts (34 B) and loss of volume.  She had breastfed t ... more

Breast Augmentation Case 22

Our patient presented with concerns of small, droopy breasts and desired more fullness to her bre ... more

Breast Augmentation Case 20

33 year old female had concerns with small breasts and droopiness.  Patient had breastfed tw ... more

Breast Augmentation Case 23

49 year old female patient had concerns regarding her small breast size and desired a full B ... more

Breast Augmentation Case 19

30 year old female presented for a bilateral breast augmentation consult with a 34 A cup.  S ... more

Breast Augmentation Case 15

Weight: 129 lbs

21 year old woman treated with Breast Augmentation, 34 ... more


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