Scar Revision

Scar Revision

Scars are the endpoint of the body’s natural healing process. Often after trauma, infection, burns, or surgery the body heals leaving scars that are unsightly. Unfortunately, nothing can make a scar completely disappear. However, scars that are large, uneven, discolored, raised or depressed can often be treated to create thinner, softer, lighter scars.

Early in the healing process, if scars are pink and raised, taping and/or steroid injections can improve the ultimate result. After scars have matured, which usually takes a year, pink or red scars can sometimes benefit from laser treatments to improve the color.

Some scars are uneven, create deformities, limit range of motion of limbs or are uncomfortable. These problems can frequently be improved with a surgical revision of the scar. The techniques used to revise a scar differ depending on the scar characteristics and location.

At The Waldorf Center, we can evaluate a wound to help maximize the healing process to create the best possible scar from the start. Once a scar has formed, we can help to determine the appropriate course, whether it is non-operative (steroid or laser treatments) or operative, to ensure that the best scar endpoint be reached.

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