Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that stimulates collagen (for skin texture improvement and the reduction of fine lines), reduces pigmentation flaws, and addresses sun damage. Together ultrasound and electrical stimulation increases blood flow, and has historically been used in wound treatment.

Known clinical uses for ultrasound therapy include:

  • Treatment of inflammation after surgery or laser skin treatment. Low intensity ultrasound helps in the reabsorption of interstitial fluid by altering the permeability of the cell membrane.
  • Tissue healing. Ultrasound energy stimulates repair mechanisms and promotes tissue healing.
  • Promotes absorption of topical actives. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recently stated: “New skin care product formulations, used in conjunction with ultrasound, will allow for deeper penetration of topically applied rejuvenating agents into the skin, resulting in significantly improved aesthetic results.”
  • Oily skin
  • Increases extensibility of collagen tissue. Ultrasound used on higher intensities coupled with the stretching can improve the appearance and texture of scars.

The UltraSonic Facial is a new approach to skin rejuvenation and repair. This treatment combines microdermabrasion with ultrasound and electrical stimulation for skin texture improvement and the reduction of fine lines.

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