Many cultures from around the world view massage as a necessary part of life for a person to be whole and healthy—not just a luxury or special occasion gift. Our licensed massage therapists offer a range of massage treatments. Aromatherapy is complimentary, so you can choose your favorite scent from a selection of fine essential oils. Enjoy a healing massage session in a beautiful, quiet, relaxing and professional medical spa environment. Our therapist enjoys integrating many different modalities into the session to bring you a well rounded and enjoyable massage.

Custom Spa Deluxe

A perfect balance of massage techniques including hot stones and just the right amount of pressure you request. Delight in an oasis of comfort, while the therapist massages you into a relaxed state of harmony.


Relaxing Swedish

Deliberate, long, smooth strokes encourage release of muscle tension and increased circulation. Allow your body to escape into a warm, balanced state of relaxation and awareness.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue

Strong, steady pressure is applied working deeper into specific muscle layers for help in releasing tension. Increased circulation promotes a healthy flow of energy and invigoration.

Hot River Stone Massage

Heated stones are carefully applied to help melt tension from the body. Also used as tools during the massage, the smooth stones bring a deep sense of warmth and well being while enabling the therapist to work deeper to unlock areas of tension.

Prenatal Massage

Helpful during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, this massage is a therapeutic and relaxing treat. Mom-to-Be is supported in a side-lying position with additional pillows for comfort. This massage is designed to help relieve increased tension associated with pregnancy.

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